Blueface & Chrisean Rock Go At It On Twitter: No More Coochie For You Blue!!

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Blueface and Chrisean Rock got into another heated exchange on Twitter this week.

“When that lie detector test episode drop you guys will understand y I demoted chrisean to side bih. Yo main bih gotta keep it [100] even when it hurts the position I’m in my main gotta listen over a jail call if need be it’s a lot of assets involved I can’t depend on no liar,” the rapper wrote.

Chrisean clapped back: “What side bitch? If u had bitches n I had n-ggas I say it was a regular toxic situation …we fell out cuz I don’t want you controlling me. ‘You ain’t my bitch if I can’t control u.’ it was cool till u started saying only u can cheat.”

According to Chrisean, she blocked Blueface and has been ignoring his attempts to reach out.

She continued: “You wanted to f-ck with other bitches. I never was yours I just loved you for a season of my life and that’s all. You wanted to do u, so I did me simple. Then I got tired of that so I went on bout my way fr I rather make bread alone then with someone that really ain’t with me. You tweeting because you are blocked. No more coochie for u blue if it ain’t you p-ssy no more bitch. I don’t wan f-ck with u only wen I wan f-ck with u so f-ck u. Yo bitch ass called 5times from no caller ID. I’m a unblock yo bitch ass wen da baby gets here but for now enjoy pretending by all means I don’t give a f-ck.”

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