Blueface Catches Heat For Disrespectful Comments About Indian People

Tiffany Brockworth |

Blueface is catching heat online after making some offensive remarks about Indian people during his interview with No Jumper.

“I think Indians are n-ggas, for real. Who the f-ck like Indians? And there’s a phrase called ‘Indian giver,’ that means you give somebody something…” he said.

Adam22 tried to correct Blueface to use the term “Native American.”

“Yeah, but they’re Indians right. If I give you something and I take it back when I feel, like, entitled to it, that sounds like some n-gga sh-t. That sound like some Black people sh-t …some sh-t a n-gga would do,” he continued.

Fans sounded off in the comments.

“The level of ignorance on Display is sad! You can tell he has low levels of education and refuses to research anything he does not even have knowledge of self. That is the reason why the interview is laughing in his face based off how pathetic his intellect is,” one fan wrote.

“This dude got a third grade education 😂” another added.

The rapper has not apologized for his remarks.

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