Blueface Calls Out OnlyFans ‘Prostitutes’

Lyndon Abioye |

Blueface wants people on OnlyFans to be honest about their online professions and he hopped on Twitter to break down the rules.

“Idk who needs to hear this but p-ssy is free 😂,” Blueface began. “An If it ain’t free that’s called prostitution. If your having sex on onlyfans you are a prostitute. If you just playing with yourself your doing p-rn any money for sex transaction is prostitution.”

Blueface added, “The truth could never be a diss. The truth hurts. Half y’all is prostitutes an ain’t even know it 😂. Only women can be prostitutes that’s a hell of a double standard right there ain’t it 😂.”

Blueface has an OnlyFans account. In January, he said he’d made nearly $800,000 since launching his account.

“If you can find a way on [OnlyFans] without showing your private parts I highly recommend crazy work good salary,” he wrote. In a follow-up IG Story post, Blueface corrected his initial remarks about OnlyFans, saying there is “nothing wrong with showing your private parts” on the platform.

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