Blonde Woman Caught S*X*ALLY Assaulting Black Man . . . While Her Boyfriend Looks On!! (Viral Video)

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A Black man is going viral on TikTok, after he was apparently s*x*ally assaulted while at a nightclub this weekend in the Jersey Shore. Media Take Out learned that the man appears to have been assaulted by a blonde women – who groped the Black man, as her boyfriend looked on.

The entire incident was captured on video, and posted on TikTok. Now the video has gone viral, and many on social media are calling for police to get involved and arrest the alleged assaulting blonde.

The incident occurred at the Headliners Nightclub, one of the most popular clubs in The Jersey Shore. The blonde – who came to the club with her boyfriend – appears to be have been heavily intoxicated.

In the video, which was reviewed by Media Take Out, the blonde appears to have become enamored by a Black man at the club. The man spurned her advances, but the blonde wouldn’t take no for an answer.

And that’s despite the fact that she was at the club with her boyfriend, who is also Caucasian.

The video shows the blonde grabbing and groping the African American man, who tries his best to evade and escape the drunk woman’ clutches.

Eventually, Media Take Out witnessed, the nightclub security was forced to get involved and they peeled the drunken lady off of her victim.

Thats when the blonde’s boyfriend then stepped in, and helped escort her out of the nightclub. She was not detained by security or police, and allowed to leave the nightclub on her own accord, Media Take Out confirmed.

Here’s video of the incident:

@calebden5 This really happend 10 minutes in #fyp #tiktok #ncaa #drumar #headlinersnightclub #jerseyshore #blm #jersey #junglefever #plutotvisfree #foryou #foryoupage #viral ♬ original sound – Caleb Dennis

Now Black Twitter is involved – and they’re sending messages to the local police department – and trying to get the woman arrested for assault.

What do you think – is what she did criminal??

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