BLOCKBUSTER: Megan The Stallion’s Star Witness Her BFF Kelsey Pleads The 5th … Refuses To Say Tory Shot Megan!!

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The case against Tory Lanez just went down the toilet today, Media Take Out confirmed. The prosecution’s star witness- Meg’s former best friend Kelsey took the fifth, and refused to corroborate Meg’s statement that Tory shot her.

Prosecutors told the jury in their opening statement that Kelsey would tell them that Tory shot Meg, and she witnessed it. But Media Take Out confirmed that today, Kelsey did no such thing.

According to court witnesses, Kelsey took the stand this afternoon – after she was called by the prosecution. And within a few minutes, it was clear that Kelsey’s testimony was not going according to plan.

Kelsey immediately refused to answer questions, and invoked her Fifth Amenment protection against self incrimination. Tory Lanez’ legal team has been arguing that it was Kelsey, and not Tory – who shot Meg.

Media Take Out learned that the court subsequently flew into chaos, as members of the jury gasped out loud – and a person in the audience screamed. The judge tried to regain order by banging the gavel and yelling ”Order in the court.”

After Kelsey’s unexpected 5th Amendment invocation, Kelsey’s lawyer and the prosecution agreed that Kelsey would get complete immunity for her testimony. Meaning even if she DID shoot Megan, as Tory’s legal team allege, she can no longer be charged with that crime.

After the prosecutors made the deal with Kelsey, she proceeded to ABSOLUTELY DESTROY their case against Tory.

Kelsey said under oath that she lied to prosecutors when she said: “I saw Tory fire 3-5 shots at Megan when we got out the car.” She also lied when she said, “He offered me a million dollars and asked to do favors for me if I stayed quiet.” Kelsey also lied when she told prosecutors “Tory punched me.”

And it gets worse. Later in the testimony, Kelsey pleaded the fifth AGAIN, suggesting that the blanket immunity deal that the prosecutors gave her wasn’t enough to protect her.


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