Bleu Accuses Major Labels Of Trying To ‘Bury’ Him

Lyndon Abioye |

Bleu’s past few songs have not hit the way they used to…but the rapper is blaming the label for his apparent falling off…saying they have tried to stifle his career because he refused to sign with them.

“I’m probably never gonna be respected as a artist but whoever been around me in the studio know ima genius when it come to music, the real secret is these major labels and machines try to bury me cuz I never took they contracts,” he tweeted. He did not say which labels have tried to keep him form blowing all the way up.

He continued, “So I never get looks , the opportunities to display my talent to the world . But I’m pushing out product for all they artist in private. Maybe I’ll sign to a major one day so my fans can finally see me blow up big as I should be . I’ll do it for y’all if I ever did it.”

Has Bleu fallen off already?

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