Black Twitter Trying To CANCEL Actor John Leguizamo … Because He Said ‘Latinos Built America’

Tiffany Brockworth |

Actor John Leguizamo is going viral today, and Black Twitter is destroying him. That’s because, Media Take Out has learned that yesterday – while on MSNBC, he told the host that “Latinos built the United States.”

While Latinos certainly contributed to the creation of this country, many on Black Twitter are upset with John’s comments. They feel that John’s comments undermine the contribution of Black Americans to building the nation.

And now Black Twitter is coming together – and trying to “cancel” John.

John told the host, “We built this country…and we’re thriving. We add $2.8 trillion to the GDP every year. If we were our own country, we’d be the fifth largest economy in the world.”

Nowhere in John’s comments did he talk about the contribution of Black Americans, or any other minorities.


Here are just a sample of the comments from social media:

Three of Black Twitter’s “activists” are working on starting a petition to boycott John Leguizamo over his comments.

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