Black Twitter Is Roasting NBA Star D’Angelo Russell … For Having Baby W/ Russian Instagram Model!!

Iyanna Muhammad |

NBA star D’Angelo Russell and his Russian girlfriend welcomed a beautiful baby into the world last year. But instead of getting praise from Black Twitter … he’s getting blasted for the race of his baby’s mother, Media Take Out confirmed.

D’Angelo Russell was drafted into NBA by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2015. Currently, in the 8 seasons of his basketball career, he is popularly known as “D-Lo.” He currently plays for the Lakers, and is having his best season in years.

Photos of D’Angelo and his new baby have been all over his Instagram account for months. But this weekend, Black Twitter finally noticed. And trolls have been messing with the young millionaire baller all weekend – saying the most vile racist things to him.

Laura is of Lithuanian descent. Apart from this, she is an Instagram model by profession with over 43,000 followers. She collaborated with several agencies including B&M in Toronto, CGM in Miami, Nomad in LA, Option 1 in Chicago, and Wonderwall in Milan.

Laura also made appearances for Sports Illustrated and VICHI Swim as a swimsuit model. Following her modeling career, the 23-year-old became a massive fitness advocate which is quite evident by her athletic physique. She became a certified holistic nutritionist and a health coach. Apart from this she also has a small Youtube page based on it. She is also a licensed real estate agent in Miami.

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