Black Twitter Is Going Crazy … After Learning Ron From A Different World Was Secretly In Love w/ Whitley

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A Different World is one of the most legendary tv shows in history. The show followed a group of college students, as they matriculated through Hillman college. The show starred Whitley Gilbert (Jasmine Guy), Duane Wayne (Kadeem Hardison), and Ron Johnson (Daryl Bell).

Over the weekend, folks on Black Twitter realized a secret plot line from the show. It turns out that Ron, Duane’s best friend, was secretly in love with Duane’s girlfriend – and later his wife – for the entire show’s history.

Theis plot line wasn’t altogether obvious to viewers of the show, but after someone put together a bunch of clips, it’s clear that the show’s writers intended on this secret plot line.

Black Twitter is going CRAZY right now – after learning this. Fans of the show are in “shock and awe” over the revelation.

And it gets pretty deep too. Remember, in the show, Ron ended up dating Kim (Whitley’s best friend) and the nerd with the glasses (Whitley’s bff we never saw after the first season) as an attempt to get closer to Whitley 


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