‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Says Jealousy Has ‘Poisoned’ His Daughter

Black Ink Crew star Ceaser Emanuel has still not repaired his relationship with his daughter Cheyenne.

He says she has been poisoned with jealousy.

“People have to understand when you get to a certain pinnacle in life and you left a lot of people behind, the envy starts and the jealousy. And that can poison a child. Especially if they’re left in that household and the father’s working, working, working,” he told PHresher.

He continued, “And I feel like some of that is for me to blame cause I mean we sitting here as men, that’s what we’re taught to do. You gotta get that bag and your family gotta eat.”

In May 2021, Ceaser sued his baby mana Crystal Torres for repeating and further publicizing the claim that their 17-year-old daughter Cheyenne made in January that he pulled her out of the shower and beat her.

“I am concerned for my daughter Cheyenne; her mother has corrupted her. I would do anything in my power to have my daughter back in my life. She is the sole heir to my Black Ink empire. I am nothing without her, and I miss her by my side. I have been dealing with this family matter for a while. And every time I feel like I am getting somewhere, I am being shut down and pulled away from speaking with my daughter directly. Everything I’ve built has been for my daughter,” Ceaser he said the at the press conference.

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