Black Father Goes Viral … After Revealing That His SON … Is Really His UNCLE!! (How Sway??)

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We’ve seen some pretty strange paternity issues, especially since we’re BIG fans of Maury. But Media Take Out has never heard a story like this.

A Black father is going viral on social media, after a video he posted on TikTok – revealing that his son is really his uncle – and the post went viral.

In the post, the man – who goes by the name Stacks1400 – posted video of him distraught and crying and in it, he claims that he found out that his son is actually his uncle.

How can this happen? Well the man’s grandfather invited him and his girlfriend to stay with him, and during that time, the man’s girlfriend allegedly had an affair with his grandfather. That led to a baby boy being conceived, which the man thought was his own.

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And the macking grandfather allegedly has a propensity for doing foul stuff like this. The man captioned his TikTok post, “Can’t believe I expected more from a man that had a whole other family around the corner from my granny house.”

The man claims that he still wants to be in his son’s life. He posted a series of photos of children on his TikTok page – without disclosing which child was his uncle.

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