Bishop TD Jakes Addresses Diddy ‘Gay’ Accusations … At ‘Half Empty’ Christmas Service

Tiffany Brockworth |

Bishop TD Jakes spoke out yesterday, after he was hit with a barrage of harmful rumors on social media, Media Take Out has learned.

TD Jakes spoke out at his annual Christmas Eve service. Typically the service is FULL with congregants. But Media take Out confirmed that less than half of the church was occupied.

It’s not clear whether all the horrible twitter rumors have driven people from Bishop Jakes church = which was once seen as the most active Black church in America.

Here’s a pic of the thinned out crowd:

As Media Take Out reported, there have been thousands of social media posts shared over the past week – suggesting that TD Jakes was having some sort of torrid affair with Sean “Diddy” Combs.

As Media Take Out reported, we have found ZERO evidence that any of the accusations against Bishop Jakes are grounded in fact. But people have nonetheless been sharing those posts all over social media.

Yesterday TD Jakes spoke out – indirectly – against those visious rumors. Bishop Jakes told his congregation that he did not wish to address lies, instead that he planned on preaching the truth. Listen:

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