Birdman Claims He Taught Southern Rappers How To Hustle

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Birdman upset some of his fans when he claimed that he taught rappers from the south to hustle.

“I’m the creator of this hustle. I taught these n-ggas how to hustle in this game. I planted the seed of the hustle of this game. I don’t give a f-ck about what other n-ggas did before me; they didn’t plant the seed of the hustle,” he said.

“We Southern n-ggas, we created this sh-t, I created this sh-t. I’m the n-gga that made these n-ggas rich. I created the hustle plan, it was my thoughts, it was my plan, something that I wanted to do. Get us out the streets and make the studio our streets. And I taught the n-ggas the game, and now we control it and we run it.”

People reacted to Birdman’s comments and disagreed with his statement.

“Hip Hop is us, we run Hip Hop. We run muthaf-cking Hip Hop,” he continued. “And it come from every n-gga that I taught how to do this sh-t. I went from state to state to state with that shit, and everywhere I went, we planted the seed and made it grow, n-gga. I went to Miami, I went to Atlanta. And the other n-ggas came around and they saw it and learned it.”

Is he right?

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