Billionaire David Geffen, 80, Marries Black Male Sugarbaby Donovan Michaels, 30!! (Pics Leak)

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Congrats are in order, to billionaire David Geffen for finally settling down with his one and only. And also to Donovan who managed to secure one of the BIGGEST BAGS in sugar baby history.

Media Take Out has confirmed that the 80 year old billionaire wed his 30 year old boyfriend Donovan Michaels in a small and intimate Beverly Hills ceremony. In fact the ceremony was so small, that only four other people were in attendance.

Geffen, a media mogul, has a net worth of $7.7 billion, according to Forbes. He’s rumored to be extremely generous – especially towards Donovan. And Davis also has contributed billions to charities – especially ones that work to help Black people or the LGBTQ+ community.

Media Take Out confirms that Davis has used much of his wealth in enormous acts of philanthropy, endowing museums, arts centers, and hospitals.

Davis has been a player for years – with his presence being very handsome Black men. In recent years, he’s had a string of boyfriends … but Donovan was the one that landed the bag.

For those interested, before meeting with his billionaire husband – Donovan used to “model” for LGBTQ+ websites. And he ummm …. was carrying around the kind of thang that can make a billionaire open up his wallet.


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