Biggie Smalls Daughter Lost A GANG Of Weight … A PRETTY & SKINNY Version Of The Rap Legend!!

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This weekend in New York, the legendary life of Biggie Smalls was celebrated. Commissioner of Cultural Affairs for the City of New York Laurie Cumbo launched “Sky’s The Limit” Celebrating The Life and Legacy of The Notorious BIG at The Edge at Hudson Yards.

In addition to artists, Biggie’s family and friends were at the event.

And one person, in particular stood out – his lovely daughter T’yanna Wallace. T’yanna recently lost a bunch of weight, and wanted to show off her amazing new body.

Check her out:

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T’yanna’s parents, Christopher Wallace and Jan Jackson, were high school sweethearts.
T’yanna was just 3 years old when her father was shot dead in Los Angeles, California in 1997.
In a 2013 interview, Wallace said about her dad:

“The biggest misconception of my dad was he was a big-time drug-dealing gangster.
When my mom or my grandma or even my dad’s friends tell me stories about him, I never get that vibe.
He seemed like such a funny, outgoing, and caring guy.”

On her father’s birthday in 2015, Wallace took to Twitter answer fan questions about her dad. She was asked, among other things, about her opinion of her father’s beef with 2Pac. Wallace wrote, “I honestly think it was a miscommunication hyped by media.” Wallace also said that she still has jewelry that her father bought for her while she was baby. She also wrote, “I was a bigger fan when I got older. I noticed his talent more when I understood the music.” Wallace added in a separate tweet, “Some songs I was like, “Is He Serious?”. But I realized he was just creatively telling a story.

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