Big Daddy Kane Almost FIGHTS Disrespectful UK Rapper Who Hijacked The Stage!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Big Daddy Kane almost got into a physical altercation with a UK rapper after the rapper took to the stage during BDK’s performance to protest his group not being allowed to perform.

BDK was a headliner for Hip Hop 50 event at London’s O2 Forum Kentish Town on Saturday. Kane is rapping on stage when a masked rapper, Hijack member Kamanchi Sly, walked onto the stage and stood there staring.

BDK eventually halted his performance to confront the rapper: “You’re doing too much playboy. I need the stage, you’re doing too much.”

Kamanchi Sly says something to BDK, who responded, “That ain’t my f-ckin’ problem.” The legendary emcee is even seen taking his jacket off ready for a brawl.

Fans called out the UK rapper in the comments section.

“‘m a huge Hijack fan but what they did was unacceptable. Why interrupt Kane!?! Wait till the end if needed. Kane handled it like a true pro though!!” one viewer wrote.

“At the end, whether you like BDK or not his contribution to the 50 years of Hip Hop was, and still is major. All I see in the comments is speculations; nobody seems to know what really happened. In my eyes, BDK didn’t deserve this. Aim your anger at the promoters; they control who goes on, and when. The artists perform and get paid,” another added.

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