Bhad Bhabie Issues Statement After Leaking Graphic Domestic Violence Pics

Lyndon Abioye |

Bhad Bhabie has issued a statement after videos and pictures of her baby’s father beating her went viral online.

The rapper shared the images, sharing that he was trying to take their infant daughter, Kali Love away from her.

Kali Love was born this March and is her only child.

Bhad Bhabie says Le Vaughn is getting the help that he needs.

“I love that man more than I love myself and it’s honestly really sad. But unfortunately, this is real life I know the easy way out is to leave and that’s better said than done,” she said in her statement.

The rapper says that Le Vaughn does not beat her often but also says that she is not making excuses for the violence.

“Who ever says they are there for me will be supportive of me no matter what I choose to do. Ya’ll know I give a mf hell but there’s no excuse for that at all whatsoever,” she continued. “My point in sharing this wasn’t to attack him, it was for him to see what he does is wrong and too take accountability and make a REAL CHANGE.”

Le Vaughn has not publicly addressed the incident.

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