Bhad Bhabie Gives Her Mom A Lap Dance!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Bhad Bhabie celebrated her 20th birthday this week by giving a lap dance to her mother. The rapper reportedly flew to Florida via private jet to her home where she celebrated.

“She didn’t learn this from me because I don’t know how to do it,” her mother Barbara told TMZ. Take a look at the performance below.

Last May, the rapper’s father spoke out, claiming his daughter had been “groomed” to be a porn star.

“Was she groomed? Absolutely. With the way she dressed, the way she acted, everything was sex-related and encouraged by people around her,” Ira Peskowitz told The Sin. “Who in their right mind thinks, ‘Ah she’s just turned 18 so now it’s time to make money on OnlyFans.’ You don’t think of that in a few days there must have been some preparation when she was under 18. It’s not normal to pay to see a barely legal girl explicitly. The sad thing is they treat her like a product. Everyone around her just wants her to make money.”

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