Beyonce’s Former Bodyguard SPEAKS AGAIN … Suggests Bey & Jay May Be Trying To KILL HIM!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Last week, a man who goes by the name “Uncle Ron” went on TikTok to make some outrageous claims about Jay Z and Beyonce.

The TikTok sensation claimed that he used to be Beyonce’s bodyguard, and he says (without proof) that he witnessed Beyonce allegedly using hard drugs.

Well Beyonce’s team has gotten to Uncle Ron – and now he’s singing a different tune.

Uncle Ron returned to TikTok and explained that he’s deleted all videos where he talked about Beyonce, and told his followers that he will not be speaking about the Carters ever again…

In a rambling video, Uncle Ron told fans that while he does not retract any of his statements – he will no longer speak about the Carters. He added that if fans have any questions, talk to his attorneys.

Ron then made what appears to be an ominous prediction. The older gentleman told fans that he does not drink or do drugs, “in case anything happens to him.”

Uncle Ron also implies that the Carters are holding something dear to him that he wants back and that no amount of money could buy his silence.


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