Beyonce Was Reportedly ‘CONFUSED’ During Dinner … ‘UNABLE TO READ THE MENU’!! (WTF)

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R&B superstar Beyonce is going viral again today, after a popular TikToker spilled some alleged tea about the legendary singer.

Media Take Out learned that a popular TikToker went on the social media platform with a very disturbing story – about Beyonce at dinner.

Earlier this week Beyonce was trending on social media, after a man named Uncle Ron – who claims to be her former security guard – claimed that Bey was constantly “drugged up.” Media Take Out was not able to confirm Uncle Ron’s allegations however.

Now a new TikToker describes an alleged interaction with Beyonce at a dinner in New York City. According to the TikToker, Beyonce seemed “out of it.”

The Tiktoker claimed that Beyonce was at a group dinner and Beyonce was acting in a bizarre manner. As the social media star put it, “If I didn’t know that was Beyonce sitting there at the table, I would have thought she was r*tarded.”

The social media tea spiller claims that Bey was unable to read the menu without assistance, and that she was having difficulty understanding what a bag was used for.


Again, Media Take Out has not been able to confirm this report either. Unfortunately, like the first report, this one is going viral on social media also.

We really hope that all these people leave Bey alone . . .

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