‘Bernie Mac Show’s Camille Winbush Joined OnlyFans After Her Residual Checks Dried Up

Lyndon Abioye |

Camille Winbush, who starred as Bernie Mac’s niece on The Bernie Mac Show revealed why she decided to create content on OnlyFans.

“People that are outside of the acting world have no place to speak on it,” she told Comedy Hype. “When people are saying, ‘Oh, those Bernie Mac checks must have dried up.’ I’m like, ‘From a job 20 years ago when I was a 12-year-old? Yeah.’ Like, duh.”

The residual checks have not stopped altogether, but over time, the amount has decreased significantly.

“You’re not making the same amount that you were when the show was current, per episode. Twenty years later, those checks are not sustainable for a living,” she said, adding, “If I can find a way to make enough to buy a home from the comfort and safety of my own living room, why wouldn’t I do that?”

The Bernie Mac Show aired on Fox for five seasons from November 14, 2001 to April 14, 2006.

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