Benzino SLAMS Coi Leray’s Busta Rhymes Collab

Lyndon Abioye |

Benzino has beef with Busta Rhymes for his collab with daughter Coi Leray…who Zino says was half naked in their “Luxury Life” video.

“The whole Busta Rhymes collaboration, like, he should have reached out to me. You don’t do no video with my daughter half-naked. You a grown ass f-cking man,” he said on Instagram Live.

“He should have reached out to me and said something. But it is what is. She’s grown, she can do what she want. But I wasn’t with that. All I can do is have my opinions from afar. Once they reach a certain age, it doesn’t matter what I think. The internet is definitely killing the family communication, the family bond,” he added.

In a recent interview, Coi accused Benzino of being jealous of her success. Coi also claimed Benzino was a deadbeat growing up…which he denies. He accused the media of helping his rapper daughter push a false narrative about him.

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