Benzino Says Daughter Coi Leray Is No Longer Speaking To Him

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Coi Leray spoke out about her father Benzino earlier this month, distancing herself from him.

In the past, Coi accused Zino of being a deadbeat. She chose to stop speaking to her father once and for all after he made comments in an interview, defending convicted predator R. Kelly.

Zino said there wasn’t much of a difference between a 13 or 14 year old compared to a 16 year old and that he should not rot in jail for 30 years for his crimes.

“It’s unfortunate. But, you know, we don’t communicate too much. The whole thing is surreal to me… I’m a smart guy but I can’t figure this one out,” Zino says in the clip.

He continued: “Coi is a young lady, she independent. This young generation, they don’t want their parents interfering with their lives, man. I have to learn to adapt to that and respect that. It just ain’t Coi, it’s a lot of my daughters. It’s hard for guys like me to have daughters and try to figure it out. Not the easiest thing.”

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