Benzino Responds To Coi Leray Being Upset At Him For Defending R. Kelly

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Benzino has responded to his daughter Coi Leray cutting him off after he defended R. Kelly.

He appeared on the Famous & Wealthy podcast, where he brought up the fact that Coi lost her virginity at age 14.

“She made a comment about the R. Kelly situation and said that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me because of the R. Kelly thing. But then, four months ago, she was on the Math Hoffa show…he asked her ‘Hey, when did you lose your virginity?’ She said’ 14,'” he said.

“I didn’t know, so I’m like, here you are condemning me for saying what I’m saying which is a grown folks conversation, which I never mentioned you [and] you really shouldn’t even involve yourself because this was a conversation that I’m having. But since you did involve yourself, which is what you do, how can you say that when you just said that you lost your virginity at 14? So is the guy that you lost your virginity at 14 with, is he a pedophile?”

Zino has previously shared that he did not think Kelly deserved to be locked up for 30 years because 14 is not that far away from the legan age of consent. Benzino did say that men sleeping with little girls was “sick” but that he felt 30 years was over the top.

Coi responded by saying she wants “nothing to do with” her father.

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