Benzino Recalls BLOCKING Eminem’s 5-Mic Rating At The Source!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Benzino is still talking about his long-running beef with Eminem.

In a recent interview, he opened up about the time he vetoed the rapper receiving a 5-mic score for his debut album.

“I was the top of my muthaf-ckin’ food chain. Even [Russell Simmons], Lyor [Cohen], all these n-ggas, Steve [Stoute] and everybody, they all had to answer to somebody. I was the top of a damn near $75 million company when n-ggas wasn’t getting money like that. I got that big money first and I was the top of that,” he explained.

He continued: “So when the Eminem thing came through The Source, at this point it’s getting disrespectful. So how the f-ck am I gonna have this n-gga in my magazine? Would you? You’re not gonna put nobody in your magazine to give this n-gga five mics after this n-ggas being disrespectful. You wouldn’t do it, man. Nobody would.”

The magazine gave the rapper four mics.

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