Benzino Goes Off After Asking Coi Leray For Money!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Benzino is going off again on his daughter Coi Leray after it was revealed he went to her to ask her for money.

Benzino feels no shame about asking her because, as he puts it, he made her.

“Yeah, I called you for some money. I made you, you didn’t make me. F-cking right I called Ray Ray and everybody else. I’m supposed to. Who the f-ck else am I supposed to call? What the f-ck is the matter with this generation of you kids, man? Y’all are f-cked up. Angie knew what she was doing. She don’t like me. Angela knew what she was doing. She don’t like me. But you had no problem disrespecting the f-cking man that brought you here. I had you, you didn’t have me,” he says in the clip.

Benzino denies using his daughter for clout.

He continued: “I’m proud of you, Coi, but you ain’t done the sh-t I done or made the money I made. You couldn’t walk in my f-cking adidas for an hour. How could you get on here and say that I’m using you for clout? Coi, your first record was disrespecting me.”

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