Benzino DRAGGED Into Love & Hip Hop Beef … Spills Tea On What REALLY Happened w/ BAMBI!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL) cast member Momma Dee has reignited her feud with son Lil’ Scrappy’s soon-to-be ex-wife Bambi, and now she’s dragging former cast members, including Benzino – into her drama, Media Take Out has learned.

And it’s leading Benzino to spill some tea on what REALLY happened between him and Bambi.

In the season 11 premiere, Momma Dee seemed to have resolved her series-long feud with her. However, she recently took to Instagram Live to talk about Bambi’s snippet from her infamous hot tub scene with co-stars Kirk and Benzino. She called Bambi a “h*e” on July 20, 2023.

After the post, Benzino felt he had to respond. Here’s his response, which included insight on what REALLY went down during that infamous scene where he was in a hot tub with Bambi.

Also in the cabin, that night was Kirk (who was married to Rasheeda – Bambi’s friend).

So what is Benzino referring to – when he says that there was “more behind the scenes mess”?

Well Media Take Out did a bit of digging, and talked to folks involved with Love and Hip Hop production, and what we found was pretty shocking.

We’re told that the whole cabin scene, where Bambi was in a hot tub with Benzino, while Kirk was with his side piece – was planned by the Love & Hip Hop production team.

We’re told that Bambi KNEW that Kirk was married, and that she was friends with Rasheeda at the time – but she still participated in the f*kery.

And there’s more. We’re also told that while everything was going down, Bambi allegedly went in bedroom when Kirk was in a threesome and watched everything go down.

Geesh. We wonder what Rasheeda thinks about it all ….

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