Benzino Defends Kanye West’s Comments About The Jewish Community…”They Run Sh*t”

Tiffany Brockworth |

Benzino made remarks comparing the way the Jewish community supports each other to the way the Black community does.

Kanye West was almost canceled for his views on the Jewish community but Benzino agrees with some of his opinions.

“Let’s build each other. Let me tell you about the Jews that Kanye talked about. The Jews were the slaves and they came together and they bought within each other, and now look at them. Media, banking, entertainment…they run sh-t. We can run sh-t, but we killing each other. All you young n-ggas, stop killing each other,” he said on Drink Champs.

Ye previously claimed the Jewish community runs the entertainment business.

“If we love us and did what the Jews did…see how the Jews control banking, media, entertainment; they’re in Beverly Hills, Miami … we could do the same thing, but the problem with us is we’re killing each other,” Zino added.

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