Benzino Claims He Slept With Melyssa Ford!!

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Benzino made some shocking claims about his sex life…the rapper is claiming he slept with former video vixen Melyssa Ford back in the day.

“I have f-cked some of the most beautifullest women on this planet. A gang of ’em. I used to be the owner of The Source magazine. Top rappers and top actresses,” he said on The Danza Project podcast.

He continued: “I like light-skinned, dark-skinned. I love women. I f-cked Melyssa Ford at my video shoot. And we kicked it. We went on a date. I flew her from Canada. She’s a real sweet person, you know what I’m sayin’?”

Fans reacted to Benzino’s statements in the comments.

“He felt so lame after he done that look At his face ..,” said on viewer.

“Benzino wrong for that, some things in life should remain unspoken,” another viewer wrote.

Another wrote, “They corny af for even asking him that question. And he corny af for putting that out there.”

Was Benzino corny for spilling this tea?

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