Benzino Claims He Slept W/ 14 Women In One NIGHT!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Benzino made a shocking claim on Instagram Live that he once slept with 14 women in one night.

“One Memorial Weekend…’cause really we was giving Source Awards down there [in Miami and] it was crazy. So one weekend I said I wonder how many chicks I can smash in one weekend, right? So starting from Thursday to Monday, I bet somebody I could smash 20. I end up smashing 14,” he told Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz.

The rapper also admitted he did not use protection with all of the women.

“Six of them I knew,” he said.

Zino recently went viral for his appearance on Drink Champs where he broke down in tears.

“Hip-Hop was given to us by God to save us. The bottom line of this is we have to come together and stop bullsh-tting with each other, stop criticizing each other and disrespecting each other, we got to unify together,” he said. “Even if we’re wrong, we make mistakes, we got to come together man, enough is enough. They’re using it against us…There’s no reason to be killing each other, going against each other, we all come from nothing. We are great people and…white people are great people too, they give us sh-t and we give them sh-t, every culture gives everybody sh-t.”

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