Benzino Challenges Eminem To A Rap Battle

Lyndon Abioye |

Benzino is still gunning for Eminem and challenged the Detroit emcee to a rap battle.

“It’s not necessarily where I thought that I was lyrically better than Eminem. But at this point, after ‘Rap Elvis,’ I believe I could face-to-face battle with him, and I’m willing to do so,” he told TMZ, adding that he wants to go a full three rounds with Em.

“I’m willing to challenge him right here on TMZ, a face-to-face battle, three rounds. And I believe I could take him,” he added.

Eminem and Benzino have already dissed each other several times on tracks. Zino says he may not have been able to battle Em when they first started beefing but he says he has it in the bag now,

“But since then, I’ve mastered my craft and I’m in the best lyrical shape of my life and I’m ready to battle Eminem. And I think that would be great for Hip Hop,” he concluded.

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