Benny The Butcher Wears Freddie Gibbs’ Stolen Chain In New Video!!

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Rapper Freddie Gibbs posted a video of him wearing a chain allegedly snatched from Freddie Gibbs during his Buffalo beatdown weeks back.

“Ayo, MC Dinosaur Barbecue, that’s what got your head punched in the first time, talking ’bout sh-t you aint have nothing to do with. Real sh-t. N-ggas dragged you by your chain, dragged you by your sh-t. N-ggas took this off your bitch neck. You p-ssy, n-gga,” the New York rapper says.

“MC Dinosaur Barbecue, you been getting ran down on by n-ggas for the past year, without a gun. You a bitch. MC Dinosaur Barbecue, n-gga punched your head all in, had you f-cking lumped up. Stitches all in your sh-t. For running your mouth like you doing now. Remember that? Then you went the next day and went and copped the cheap-ass Cartier watch.”

Benny and Freddie have beef. But when Freddie went to Buffalo to perform, he was jumped in a restaurant by Benny supporters. The beatdown happened weeks after he was allegedly jumped by Jim Jones.

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