Benny The Butcher Details Freddie Gibbs Drama

Tiffany Brockworth |

Benny The Butcher is once again addressing his beef with Freddie Gibbs…but he says he was surprised by the tweet that started the drama.

The rappers used to be friends, until Gibbs tweeted, making fun of Benny getting shot in Houston.

“I don’t even think it started on a song, it started on Twitter. It’s two posts that he put up. It’s one that he made that nobody noticed. Nobody noticed until I said something about it. He wasn’t [mentioning me], that’s why I never said nothing about it. He just said something about what happened in Houston first. I was kind of taken back. I f-ck with bro. Sh-t f-cked me up. But I never said nothing about it, because nobody else said nothing about it,” he told Math Hoffa.

“To be honest with you, it was a surprise,” he told Hoffa. “But it’s like, n-ggas ain’t take it personal after that. I don’t know that n-gga obviously. And any n-gga I f-ck with wouldn’t be doing that.”

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