Beautiful Mom Shacare Terry Dies After Getting BBL & Tummy Tuck In The Dominican Republic

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Shacare Terry was a beautiful woman living in Indianapolis who seemingly had it all. She was a stunning beauty, mother to an adorable 2 year old, and the owner of a successful business.

Media Take Out can confirm that Shacare is now dead – after chasing an unrealistic beauty standard.

Shacare always wanted to be perfect. In her quest for perfection, Shacare went to Mexico in February for gastric sleeve surgery according to her family. The surgery went well they said, and Shacare lost a bunch of weight.

That overseas medical trip EMBOLDENED her . . . and it may have led to her death.

A few months later, on April 11, Media Take Out confirmed that Shacare and her twin sister Sharae traveled to the Dominican Republic for another procedure. This one was a lot more invasive.

Shacare and her sister both underwent surgery for a Brazilian Butt Lift and a Tummy Tuck while there. In the United States, doctors reportedly refuse to combine tummy tuck and butt augmentation surgeries because they believe it’s too dangerous to do both simultaneously.

But in the Dominican Republic – doctors routinely combine 3 and sometimes 4 major surgeries into one. Both of their surgeries were performed by Dr. Jose Desena at Instituto Medico San Lucas.

One day after the surgery, it was clear that something was wrong.

“I was moving around a lot more and Shacare wasn’t really moving around, she wasn’t doing anything,” Sharae said. “She would lay in bed. I would try to get her to go downstairs and eat with me and she just wasn’t responding well.”

Shacare was eventually admitted into the Centro Medico Escanno SRL clinic in Santiago, and her condition quickly went downhill.

Dr Desena was called into the hospital and he told Sharae that her sister Shacare was actually getting better, and she just needed to be put on dialysis.

Things went from bad to worse, and eventually Shacare’s family flew out to the Dominican Republic to try and help. But within days it was too late.

Sharae arrived back in the United States on April 21st when she learned that Shacare had passed away.

“[Shacare’s] mom said ‘Carlesha, I went back to my room for an hour, and they called me and told me that her heart stopped that quick,’” Williams said. “She hurries up and goes right back to the clinic and they said her daughter was already in a body bag.”

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