Beautiful Instagram Model Gains 100 Lbs … Getting MORE Money, Modeling Gigs & Male Attention!!

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Weight gain is the new “in” thing to do in 2023. One popular Instagram model is showing that putting on a few hundred pounds, might increase your follower count these days.

Alexus Danisha was always a gorgeous gal. She started modeling about 5 years ago – and she gained a pretty serious following on Instagram and Twitter.

Here’s what she used to look like:

But during Covid, she put on a few. And by a few, we mean about a HUNDO. And after putting on the thickness, her popularity skyrocketed, Media Take Out has learned.

Now Alexus has more than 1 million Instagram followers, and lucrative modeling deals with a ton of companies, including Fashion Nova. She didn’t have anything of the sort, when she was a skinny Minnie.

Lizzo is showing us how to do it ….

Here’s what she looks like now:

American women aged 20 years and above weigh an average of 170.6 pounds (lbs), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source. Height-wise, the average adult female is 5 feet 3.7 inches, and her waist measures 38.2 inches.

While these numbers may be the average, they are not a measure of health. One of the commonly used indicators of well being is a person’s BMI, which stands for body mass index.

The BMI of the average woman in the U.S. is 29.6Trusted Source, which falls into the category of “overweight.”

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