Beautiful IG Model Arrested In Dubai … For Allegedly ’Acting A Fool’!! (She Needs Our HELP)

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A beautiful Houston IG model is being held in Dubai, for allegedly acting a fool inside of the strict Arab nation. And now she needs our help, to get her back home safe and sound.

Media Take Out learned that Teiara Young Allen, a Houston woman, who is a popular social media influencer has been held in Dubai for the last two months – against her will.

It all started when Teairra got into a car accident in a rental car. When she tried to return the car – she was told that she would have to pay for the damage to the car, before she could receive her passport back.

Dubai has strict laws with regard to owing debts. In the Arab nation, you can be imprisoned if you don’t pay money that you owe.

When Teairra learned that she’d have to pay for the damage, she reportedly flew into a rage, and started yelling at the man at the rental car company. Another HUGE mistake.

Dubai has a strict NO RATCHETNESS policy.

Yelling, or using vulgar or obscene language in public, or rude gestures, can get you arrested in Dubai. There have been numerous incidents of tourists, as well as residents, being arrested for giving the middle finger during a heated argument or traffic incident.

Teairra was told that she would have to remain in the nation, until a court date. Her family has retained a lawyer, and are now petitioning Joe Biden to help bring the IG model home.

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