Basketball Wives’ Star Brittish Williams Addresses Pleading Guilty To 15 Felony Fraud Charges

Lyndon Abioye |

“Basketball Wives LA” star Brittish Williams has broken her silence after she pleaded guilty Wednesday to more than a dozen federal charges involving a medley of frauds netting nearly $446,000.

Brittish copped to bank fraud, misusing social security numbers, sending phony bills for health insurance payouts and even confessed to lying to the IRS and on applications for federal loans.

Prosecutors say the star made false statements on tax returns from 2016 to 2019, reporting that her businesses made around $15,000 when they actually made hundreds of thousands of dollars. She also falsely claimed two children as her dependents.

Brittish also took out lines of credit and opened bank accounts for her businesses with other people’s social security numbers and failed to pay back her creditors to the tune of just under $30,000

“Anything I’ve went through that a normal person would go through privately I went through publicly. I hope my story, journey and my growth can help someone going through something similar or stops the next person from doing anything that could possibly have them in the same situation as me,” she wrote on Instagram Story.

“I am not ashamed…I am proud of the woman and mother I am TODAY. Everything I’ve been through I needed to go through.”

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