Bandman Kevo Gets White Lives Matter Tattoo!!

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Rapper Bandman Kevo trended on social media after he revealed his recent tattoo…a White Lives Matter tattoo on his leg.

Phor from Black Ink Chicago shared video of Bandman Kevo getting faces of several rich white men, including Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos. A MAGA hat and the words “White Lives Matter” have also been tattooed on his body.

The rapper also showed off his plastic surgery, he appears to have had more work done. According to Kevo, all of the rich men are getting it done.

“This how your sh-t supposed to look after you working out,” Kevo said in June. “You gotta be working out hard as hell, though. You know what I’m saying, like, after the fact. I had them take fat from everywhere to form my shit. My lower back, my legs, everywhere. Everything was weird about my body because I weighed 284. This 220 right here, when my sh-t bussin’ hard.

“What’s so crazy is, at first I wasn’t even with no lipo sh-t. I’m like, ‘man I ain’t doing that sh-t,” Kevo said. “Then, all my rich homies, they like, ‘man everybody do that sh-t, they just be low-key with it.”

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