Bandman Kevo Demands $5M From Gunna For Unreleased Guest Verse!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Back in February, Bandman Kevo claimed that he had paid $250k for a feature from Gunna but complained he could no longer release the track because Gunna allegedly snitched on Young Thug and the YSL crew.

In an interview with Say Cheese!, he says he now wants $5 million from Gunna.

“Really, I want more money for all the time I wasted over a year. I feel like I deserve some real M’s because who knows what the song could have been at before you messed your name up,” said Kevo.

The rapper says Gunna should pay him “Like five million.”

“Realistically, before he got locked up I would have dropped the song and he would have posted and it would have did what it did. I was gon’ make the song go big…. The very first time I invested I mean well not the very first time but as soon as I invested I feel like that’s when he was at his peak,” he said. “Now if he would’ve got out of it by the right thing he would have been bigger.”

He said he held onto the track because he was banking on Thug and Gunna being released because he believed the track would be even bigger after that.

“So that was another part of waiting. ‘m just like aight he’ll get out and he, you know, him and [Young] Thug get out and go crazy they’re gonna be the biggest thing in the world, feel me?”

Y’all think Gunna will hand over $5 million?

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