Bam Margera Pleads Guilty To Disorderly Conduct After Assaulting Brother

Lyndon Abioye |

Former “Jackass” star Bam Margera took a deal and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after being taken to court for punching his brother in the face last year at his home in Pennsylvania.

In exchange for the plea deal, her will be on probation for the next six month. During the incident last year, he also made threats of violence towards other family members.

His brother Jesse reportedly walked in and found Bam in the kitchen, where he was reportedly “urinating in the sink.” Bam allegedly started “punching him, striking him in the right eye/nose and left ear,” and grabbed his arm. Bam’s father was also reportedly victimized.

Bam has struggled with addiction for years, leaving his family members concerned for his safety.

Last June, he was taken to a mental health facility under California code 5150 and remained in the facility for 72 hours. This came says after he demanded access to his son or threatened to smoke crack until he died.

“I haven’t seen Phoenix in two f-cking months and I am so f-cking fed up. I cry every day, I miss him so much and I know I have to wake up everyday knowing that I probably won’t get to talk to him or see him,” he said via social media at the time.

“I am going to smoke crack with the bums down at the boardwalk until I am dead or unless you deliver me f-cking Phoenix. So get to work Nikki or anybody that wants to help. I want Phoenix.”

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