B.G. Responds To Wack 100’s Snitching Allegations

Lyndon Abioye |

B.G. has responded to allegations made by Wack 100 that he snitched to get out of prison early.

“At first I was feeling some type of way but the n-ggas whose opinion matter reached out to me, you know what I’m saying? I’ve been paying attention to this internet and this internet a fool, ya heard me? This sh-t a beast. You know, the internet undefeated and truth don’t need no cosigner,” he told Pop Austin Media.

He continued: “So once I told them my real jail n-ggas reached out to me and they heard about it and then the n-ggas on the streets that I know standing on business, they like, ‘Don’t even pay that sh-t no point. N-ggas just trying to use your light to pull them out the darkness.’ […] What’s understood don’t need to be explained.”

Wack claims B.G. is a snitch and even posted the paperwork on his Instagram account. He claims that Birdman has been trying to call him since he made the claims, but that he is not answering the Cash Money boss’ calls.

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