B.G. Claims He’s BANNED From Rapping About Snitches!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Rapper B.G. says law enforcement has banned him from rapping about snitches on any of his music as part of his supervised release.

“Went off in this courthouse. Got me a victory. I was able to go in court, get permission to work, get permission to do my concerts, get permission to trap this new music. Got permission to be self-employed,” he said on Instagram.

“Everything worked out in a real G favor man. I just wanna thank ya’ll who been rocking with me since day one. They still tryna censor me a little bit. They don’t want me rapping about snitches so I gotta be real mindful….I gotta be a little safe in what I say and how I say it while I’m on supervised release but for the most part, it’s go time.”

B.G. was released from prison last September after serving just over 11 years for gun possession and witness tampering. He was originally sentenced to 14 years.

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