Azealia Banks ROASTS Beyonce’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ Album

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Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter album is on pace to sell 350,000 in its first week, but Azealia Banks thinks the project is lackluster.

“Themes r redundant. The lyrics really are forced. Album is too long… Plus who is this imaginary adversary sis thinks still wants to hump on [JAY-Z] in 2024?” she wrote on Instagram Story.

“She’s gotta find new content. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY thinks he’s even remotely attractive …. LOL,” she added.

Azealia Banks has been trashing Bey for years, but surprisingly, she did manage to say something nice about the project.

“Great work from the band/producers/engineers. Cool and interesting work on the sonics. Might be her first sonically cool attempt at being arty…” she said.

In the comments, some fans defended Bey while others, who confessed to being Beyonce fans, agreed with her take.

“I fell asleep too. I think this album for the yt Beyoncé fans. And that’s Okayyyy. We got our album first,” somebody wrote.

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