Azealia Banks Claims Nicki Minaj Is “Obsessed” With Cardi B!!

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In another long Instagram Stories post, Azealia Banks ripped into Nicki Minaj…accusing her of obsessing over rival Cardi B.

“Nicki is so obsessed with Cardi it’s only making me like cardi more,” Banks wrote. “Like I’m perched for C2… Nicki is giving twenty levels of peasy black girl with the burnt perm who is jealous of the Spanish girl that just moved down the block.”

Banks continued, taking shots at Nicki and her husband, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty.

“A smart Nicki would have done the cardi, doja, Megan collabs smiled in their faces while safaree worked on her album in the background then came through and dominated. Without showing the world how desperately you’ve relied on tokenism and sabotaging other black female rappers behind the scenes. Like it was an eassssssssy plan but no… We wanna feed the baby chicken bones, Defend white girls in blackface, And give sex offender puss.”

Nicki recently put out a track with three other women, but then created a storm of controversy and scandal between them all.

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