Azealia Banks Apologizes To Lizzo For Fat-Shaming

Lyndon Abioye |

Azealia Banks hopped on her social media page to apologize to Lizzo for fat-shaming her.

Azealia says that if Busta Rhymes can be in the industry without being fat-shamed, so should Lizzo.

“I was having a conversation last night and realized that I owe @lizzobeeating a huge apology for popping so much sh-t,” she wrote.

“If hip hop will allow a 55+ severely overweight @bustarhymes who exhibits major signs of anabolic steroid abuse, adrenal gland failure, and constipation, and will also allow him to have a face full of blackheads and acne from what appears to be testosterone shot abuse ALL whilst drinking molly water in 2023 and wearing cartoon-like Neon yellow fake gold slick Rick chains……We have absolutely no right to be trying to skewer a YOUNG black woman – for anything,” she continued.

Is Azealia Banks correct or is she trippin?

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