Azealia Banks Accuses Beyonce Of Doing “Nasty Stuff Behind The Scenes To Stifle Other Black Female Artists!!”

Tiffany Brockworth |

Azealia Banks hopped on social media to roast several celebrities, including Beyonce.

In her rant, Banks called out several celebs who supported Zayn Malik. In the past, Banks has accused Malik of copying her work.

Then, she went in on Beyonce, trashing her current tour and accusing her of trying to suppress other Black female artists behind the scenes.

“I stayed home. I decided I didn’t want to see Giselle and blue ivys cabaret. I wasn’t leaving the comfort of my mansion to hear her sing Mary j blige covers and literally watch the same show I can watch on instagram,” she said

“In a big way I kind of got over her that night. For a woman who’s done so much nasty stuff behind the scenes to stifle other black female artists yet STILL is too afraid to come at adele for ki’ing on her little lemonade stunt and tearing a Grammy in half while she’s in the front row pregnant??? Lmao pfffft, literally she BEGS people like Dixie chicks, shakira, and adele for collabs but doesn’t pay the legion of black women who pen her songs. And I had a second thought about how tasteless it was for her to have the legendary KEVIN JZ PRODIGY sweating her wig out and PERFORMING FROM THE PIT?!?!?!?! No Giselle, you thought you went hard, you need to go harder,” she continued.”

Y’all think Banks is right about Bey or just bitter?

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