Axe Swinging Wildman Goes BONKERS Inside NYC McDonalds!

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An axe swinging wild man is trending, after video of him attacking a group of men inside a Manhattan McDonalds has gone viral.

Media Take Out learned that police are looking for the man in question, but it’s not quite clear what crimes he’s wanted for.

In the video, which we’ve included below, the wild man is attacked by three men inside the McDonalds. All three of the men attacking the axe-swinger appeared to have been on dates with their respective girlfriends.

At first it looked like the three men had won. They cornered the axe-man, and began hitting him in the face, as he stood still – appearing unbothered by the blows.

Then it was the axe-man’s turn. After eating a half dozen blows, Media Take Out learned that the man went to his bag and pulled out an axe. He then confronted each of his attackers, and made them beg for their lives – as he smashed tables and walls inside the MCDONALDS.

Luckily the axe man didn’t use his weapon against his attackers.


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