Aubrey O’Day Says She Saw Kanye West’s Manhood … And Is “HUGE”

Lyndon Abioye |

Aubrey O’Day claims to have seen Kaney West’s private parts before, and she says he is very well endowed.

“Kanye’s d-ck is [big] like that. Allegedly. I did not [f-ck Kanye]. He does [have a large d-ck]. That’s fact. Factually. He doesn’t talk about it because he doesn’t need to. He lives big d-ck energy. Have you not paid attention?” she told Adam22.

“That thing dangles past the knee soft. It’s huge. I didn’t have sex with him, but it’s huge,” she added.

It’s not the first time a woman claimed Ye is blessed downstairs.

Real Housewives of Miami star Adriana De Moura previously claimed to also have seen Ye’s genitals, saying, “it’s big and it’s thick…It was Art Basel, I walked to the restroom and I opened the door, he’s peeing. So I look, like, damn,” she said.

Larsa Pippen, former best friend of Kim Kardashian, was upset by her claim.

“I’m not bringing up your friends, your old friends, so maybe you should’t bring up my friends,” she said to her costar, before adding in a confessional, “I’ve known Kanye for years, I’m not trying to have these conversations about someone’s penis, it’s just not my thing.”

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