Aubrey O’Day Issues Warning To Fans

Lyndon Abioye |

Aubrey O’Day hopped online to let her fans know that if they are trying to support Danity Kane, streaming their music is not the way, as all profits go straight to Diddy.

“16 + years of our loyal fans.. I ask you to respectfully consider this,” the former Bad Boy artist wrote.

“ALL of your coins spent on us directly supported/support Diddy and everything he just did. Not a dig. Just a fact you should be aware of next time you think to stream of buy your fav’s music. If you want to help the systemic problem we CLEARLY were just whiplashed with. Look into/ or ask you fav artist’s what money actually feeds them so you can help them stay healthy and not fall victim to being dependent on any executive.”

Diddy recently settled a huge lawsuit with Cassie after she accused him and r-pe and repeated abuse throughout their relationship.

Diddy claims his decision to settle was not an admission of guilt.

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