Aubrey O’Day Claims Diddy Made Artists Sign NDA Before Returning Their Publishing!!

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Aubrey O’Day says Diddy asked her to sign an NDA to never speak ill about him or his Bad Boy record label before handing back her masters.

The singer and her group, Danity Kane were signed to Diddy’s label for six years and released two albums.

“So what’s happening is, artists — some of them, not all of them — are being given streaming royalties and ownership back over our publishing on songs that we wrote at a time when you know that you have to stream a song a million times to make a cent. It’s hundreds of dollars. And me, as somebody that’s a girl’s girl, I hit everyone in my group and said, ‘Absolutely do not take this deal. I can get us a show on Hulu right now,” she said.

Diddy talked to Variety about his decision to finally give artists their publishing.

“It’s just doing the right thing,” he said. “I think that we as an industry, and as a people, have to look in the mirror and make a shift forward. It’s about evolving, leading by example and reforming an industry that needs it, in a world that needs reform.”

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